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. Something that’s been in my mind a lot lately is thinking about my future self in more detail and visualising it with clarity. . I’ve been letting my mind wander on it a little earlier on today... A
Truly blessed and grateful to be working in my dad's business, I don't get paid a ton here but there are way too many benefits of working with him to miss out on. I get to focus on my craft whenever I
Hello every one I took this simple and basic exercise from my ebook the candlestick trading bible and I want to share it with you.could you type the name of this candlestick and what it does mean when
Put the time in now... and reap the rewards for life. . Seeing the amount of opportunity before us the past two weeks to start this year off had been absolute insanity 🤯🔥 . I used to think doing 3-5%