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The Substratum Solution: An open-source network that allows anyone to allocate spare computing resources to make the internet a free and fair place for the entire world. Read our brief write-up at fr


The Ripple Byte expert%u2019s verdict, the platform is designed and well-balanced for the benefits to users. Using XRD coin, payments are immediate, regardless of the sender%u2019s location. The bigg

Howdoo decentralized messenger

uDoo token: Lets chat with the friends in the most decentralized messenger %u201Cthe Howdoo%u201D. As blockchain innovation is integrating into everyday activities from investment to amusement. Jumpin

ICO ysis: Dispatch | CLC

Although it has the highest market cap and is the most popular cryptocurrency, Bitcoin is able to proceed on average only seven transactions per second. This means that when twenty people try to send


Howdoo the solution all problems related to existing social platform. You all use social networks for interactions right? Though you are addicted to this but still have issues such as privacy breachi

smart-contract audit

Ethereum is an open software platform based on Blockchain technology that make easier the development of Smart Contracts and Distributed Applications.Interestingly, such applications can be run withou