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To talk about emotions, are you overemotional person 🤪 or you’re poker face? 😐 What about myself, I can’t hide emotions at all! 🙈 If I’m happy, everybody see that, if I’m mad... I don’t really get mad
Lucky enough to call Washington Square Park my backyard. Even with the dropping temperatures, the park’s timeless views keep me coming back out to capture it. @streeteasy #streeteasyfinds
Hier, s’est produit l’événement annuel « No Pants Subway Ride » qui a débuté à New York en 2002. Il s’est étendu dans plus de 60 villes à travers le monde comme Toronto, New York, Berlin et Londres. L
POWER CONFIDENCE - Sink into the negative, feel the negative, but the art is knowing when to get out...⠀ ⚡️⠀ Negativity and negative thought patterns are kind of like a warm bath...super easy to sink
“One can’t paint New York as it is, but rather as it felt.” - Georgia O’Keefe 🎨 🗽 This is one of my favorite photos that @neavebozorgi and I shot when I lived in NYC. New York taught me so much and t


New York - Manhatten skyline, shot with my Clack from the Ward's Island Brige over the Harlem River One of my first Prints ever - not so lang ago, just three years. Ilford FP4 - Lith Print onto Brov