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Nice handful of juicy, deep purple amethyst crystals from my Grand Daddy Purple claim in Inyo County California. The area these crystals come from is known for containing rich smoky quartz and only v
Thanks for the video📽 @aregger.bauunternehmung #liebherr excavators m9300 بزرگترین بیل مکانیکی تخریب لیبهر
Back when @poppin_caprocks and I where just starting the #barkingspiderdig. This is how us miners pole dance if you wanted to know.
In Network Marketing — you will do a lot of things you WILL NOT be paid for. 💯💯 But in the end — you’ll be paid for a lot of things you DID NOT do. 🙏🏼 #NoMore925™️ 🌎✈️


after a long long absence I have finaly some photos I would like to share. They are not really new. I made them during the christmas holidays in the south of france.


The ruined mines of Cornwall are one of the most iconic examples of British industrial heritage. Botallack Mine, on the Tin Coast, houses the iconic Crowns Engine Houses that cling to the cliffs.


Yes, this is the term we Hong Kong people use in describing this activity. And I am not referring to reading a newspaper. Taken @ Guangzhou, China My Facebook Page