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Money is made by sitting not trading , this is the truth about trading. most traders think that they should be in markets every time they open theeir charts, and if they don't find an opportunity they

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About two months ago I did a little photo exchange with few of my buddies here on flickr. I was so very excited every time I received a print from one of them. So here are the prints from three truly

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spot exchange on board. You are allowed to use this image on your website. If you do, please link back to my site as the source: Example: Photo by Credit Score Blog Thank you! M


Not sure if this was a Telephone Exchange at some point, it was a garage at one time for MTS Canonet QL17 G-III Ilford Delta 100


Prairieview School of Photography; Hargrave between Notre Dame and McDermot. It was almost dusk, the glow is from the lone light bulb behind the window. The exposure turned out much better than I th