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❤️🐱🏡 ADOPT-A-THON!! 🏡 🐱❤️ Our goal is to find 150 cats their furrever home in 7 days! Can we do it? Only with your help! All adult cats 6 months and over are just $50.00 to adopt until 22nd January!


Iron count is a little low for double red, so I'm donating one unit of red blood cells and some plasma. The yellow stuff in the bag above the screen is my plasma.


They are those who are doing their best to help others for their need and request so, anyone of you is able to become one of those , So become .

bring back color

The Philippines just experienced the worst flooding in its history. Close to 300 people have lost their lives and thousands upon thousands have lost their homes(plus everything they own) and continue

Donate Life

(34/365) It's the holiday season, and the most important time of the year to donate blood. It's a gift you can give someone that doesn't cost you a dime.

Donate eyes

"There is no lovelier way to thank God for your sight than by giving a helping hand to those in the dark." -Helen Keller Any person can walk into the nearest Eye Bank and PLEDGE their


My late entry to the latest macro monday. The theme was a macro shot related to halloween, so the only thing I had handy was a pumpkin. Light comes from an SB600 flash triggered wirelessly to the ri


I made this box for Hands On Bay Area Day. We'll put it at the kickoff site. The hope is that my sparkly box will entice people to stuff some bills or even a check inside. I wanted to make it a bit fa

Donate Please

When skating the Autumn Bowl without a key, you are supposed to donate money. Not that anyone really does it, but there is no box to put the money in anyway.

Donate US

In order to give you the best free full version game, we need your help us to do few simple things. For now we really need Google Drive server to save our releases there. If you have any unused Gmail