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liquid sky

the first shot of a small series I took on the river isar in munich. As you can see - no snow at all.... just water... - will show you the others in loose followups 3 shots freehand, 2/0/-2EV, ali

Wild Bunch

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim -4K Nvidia DSR, Downscaled -SnapDragonPrime ENB with RevoLUTion ENB Color Toolbox -Resampled with GIMP (lanczos 3) -Console Commands (Time Stop, FOV) One last followup..


two shots blended together, one for the water wash and sky/sun and another for the wave behind and the foreground. Not so realistic but I think it works ok. Pls, honest opinion on this one.. I'm a bi

Bandera / Bandana

Part of Kroll Atlas from the mid 1900s (don't know exact year) showing a typo of Bandana for Bandera. Other interesting things about this map: 1) Mason Lake was called Short Lake 2) Camp Maxon on the


had to post this picture - in the right hand corner you can see what I did to poor Santa. That was our new play house and I bet my sister is just managing to undo my naughty trapping her in a corner..