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review draft for the night circus is doooone💫 the final blogpost should be up soon! it felt like i was repeating myself a lot but truth be told i was just trying to emphasise how amazing the book is✨✨
Pain means you care... love hurts because your soul feels every twists and turn, and that’s what makes it beautiful. It’s when you are most present, most alive. Most in flow with the universe ❤️ I’m a
⁣ A lot of my daily thoughts this month have been centred around food. Unintentionally! Goes to show how boring my life is that food has become the focus. 😂 ⁣ ⁣ It’s Saturday today! Do you have anythi
when you find someone who makes you not as afraid of the future: try your hardest not to let them go. 🌺 • comment your thoughts/tag somebody below ☘️ ————————————————— my upcoming collection, ‘shades


writing eases my suffering. it's my soul's medicine. i write what i wanna write about. i write when i hurt. i write what i fear. writing is my form of personal freedom. i write to save myself. i writ