Gymtime hastag posts

Man braucht nicht viele Freunde um sich rum um glücklich zu sein, es genügen ein paar Richtige. Die für einen da sind wenn man sie braucht ☺️ Auf einen schönen Abend 🙏🏼🥂
It’s Saturday, put down your to do list for at least an hour and do something fun. Stop and watch the sunset, smell the flowers, feel the breeze, hear the ocean, feel the life all around you. . The ti
3 big things that will help you when it comes to getting in shape diet wise are: Drink at least a gallon of water a day Get in 1.5 x your bodyweight grams of protein a day Cut out bad sugars and fa


Been very lazy today, did hit the gym though and now don't want to do anything else for the rest of the evening, so just gonna lay here with a cat on my lap.. Goodtimes :)