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A Misty morning over ljen 👋 Tag someone who needs to see this 👇⭐ - Get inspired @dream.travelings - Photo by: @malthezimakoff |

speckled gold

All rights reserved. Use without permission is illegal. Explore Page. See my shots on Darckr (two by two) or one by one. I'm not back, but I went down the street to the maple I often shoot each

nyah, nyah

copyright Mim Eisenberg/mimbrava studio. All rights reserved. Explore page. This photo shows a Black swallowtail caterpillar's osmeterium. Unfortunately, both caterpillars that found my dill this

The Pantheon

Pantheon, a perfectly preserved ancient temple, turned later into christian -so that it was actually preserved- with an immence dome and amazing interior. If you are interested in the original shot y

morning run

A cold winter morning in Curitiba. [Added to Cream of the Crop as Most Favorited in my photostream] Cream of the Crop Group pool: www.flickr.com/groups/17274427@N00/ See where this picture was taken.

jenni's silhouette

*Explore/Interestingness* p1 what an amazing senior portrait session - this is the very last shot i took...i exposed for the sky to achieve a silhouette of jenni against the spectacular sunset.