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KIDS, quit fucking cutting, I repeat, quit cutting, it’s not gonna solve any of your problems, it just makes them worse, just be patient with life, in a few years your gonna think back, and wonder why
🌸 it’s my birthday! 🌸 I’m finally 19 ÒwÓ thank you everyone for wishing me a happy birthday I appreciate it Wig from @everydaywigscom


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2018 08 17 - Outfit - %u2611 Romp Corset:%u3000Violent Seduction - Bia Corset - Mint Panties:%u3000Violent Seduction - Bia Panties - Mint %u2611 Collabor 88 Hair:%u3000[monso] My Hair - Hyewon %u2


%u201CSo I think besides using pink from a psychological standpoint (to show their softer side), there's also the aesthetic aspect - knowing they look good and having people say, 'Wow, that's a great


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