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It’s a good weekend for a weekend 💓💓Make sure to check out my story to see some fun pieces from @thepinklilyboutique !!! #pinklilystyle
Tá aí uma das minhas estampas preferidas: petit pois 💛 quem gosta? Acho tão curinga que já me imagino usando ele com uma flatform, um espadrille ou uma rasteirinha 😍 (mostrei ele essa semana, pra quem

Swiss Alps panorama

The beauty of winter. The white dress of the mountains. Winter has arrived in Switzerland. A view that takes my breath away and makes me realize how small and inconspicuous we are towards such giants


This is the year in Los Angeles that Blade Runner occurs, but if you come to Tokyo today, you'll get a pretty good feel for the future of cityscapes 10 years hence elsewhere... Had the good fortune t


When the roses lose their fragrance, and the world seems at an end, When the day has lost its gladness, what a blessing is a Friend..... Read the rest and grab the event and designer info on Threads